"It's really a great training session; everyone gains plenty of knowledge of XRF within a short two weeks of time. Thank you!" ~ Yiang Y. ~

"Overall this course was above my expectations and I consider it the best course I've ever attended in terms of organization, instructors and their knowledge on XRF."  ~ Blair J. ~

"All the teachers are excellent, have a great dynamic with each other. They are what make this course unique."  ~ Vivien K. ~

"This course is exceptional and has given me a great understanding of the concepts of XRF. The instructors are all excellent and have great enthusiasm for teaching and helping students. I would like to thank them for a great experience during the weeks I attended in 2007 and 2008."   ~ Mike M. ~

“I really enjoyed the course, I’ve learned a lot. The teachers are really helpful. Thanks for the refreshments. The lounge is a nice place to relax the body and mind after a day in the class. The university dorms are great for socializing and getting to know the fellow students as too often if you are in a hotel everyone retreated to their own little hideaway. By the way, the food was fantastic."  ~ Joanne S. ~

"First of all I wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting all of you. You all have a fabulous comraderie that made the course enjoyable and fun. Second, I want to thank everyone for all the extra help that went above and beyond the call of teachers. Being available at all hours and willing to help students past normal working hours shows the dedication and immense love of the subject you all have. Thank you again and I would love to stay in touch."  ~ Charlene Mc. ~


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